2016          “”The Half Hour News Hour From Planet Earth” ” @Floydfest 2016

2016          “Once Upon A Time There Was A Phobic Witch” @Floydfest 2016

2015           “Cassandra Ignored Again”

2014            “A Slightly Altered Version of the Divine Comedy”, Stone Hill, Flint Hill, VA

2013            “There Are Hundreds of Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground”, Smithsonian Conservation Institute, Front Royal, VA

2012            “Protocol for Launching a Lifeboat”, Stone Hill, Flint Hill, VA

2011            “A Trail of Marigolds”, Stone Hill, Flint Hill, VA

2011            May Day Celebration, Stone Hill, Flint Hill, VA

2010            “Amor Fati” (love of one’s fate) Rappahannock Halloween Celebration, Stone Hill, Flint Hill, VA

2009             “Anekantevada or: The Universe is a Green Dragon, The Riding Rink, Woodville, VA

2009            “May Day Celebration” by Zeitgeist Coalition, The Riding Rink, Woodville, VA

2008            “Short Stories for a Long Night”, The Link, Sperryville, VA

2008            “Presidential Election Circus”, Coon Hollar, Castleton, VA

2007            Artists Studio Tour, Rappahannock, VA

2006            Rappahannock Association of Arts in the Community Performance, Waterpenny Farm, Sperryville, VA

2005            “A Fall Mourning”, Longview Gallery, Sperryville, VA

2004            “Fat Cat Corporation Strategy Meeting Has Some Unexpected Visitors”, Hearthstone School, Sperryville, VA

2002            Halloween, Ki Theatre, Washington, VA

2001            First Night Celebration, Warrenton, VA

2001            “A Magic Act”, Blue Ridge Windows, Warrenton, VA

2000            Fall Festival, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philadelphia, PA

1997            “Wild Woman Go To The City”, Washington DC

1997            Water Music Festival, Ragged Mountain Resource Center, Sperryville, VA

1996            Debutante Ball, Coon Hollar, Castleton, VA

1996            “Demeter and Persephone”, Spring Mountain School, Washington, VA

1996            Fall Celebration, Mirran Forest Amphitheatre, Batesville, VA

1995            May Day Celebration, Van Ness Farm, Sperryville, VA

1994            Earth Day Celebration, Washington Community Park, Washington, VA

1993            Crossroads Farm Festival Tour, sponsored by Ki Theatre, Washington, VA

1991            Halloween Celebration, Mountain Green Sharp’s Orchard, Washington, VA

1991            1000 Faces Summer Solstice Performance, Nethers, VA