“Cassandra Ignored Again” Rappahannock VA Oct. 24 2015


“Cassandra Ignored Again” is based on the Greek myth of Cassandra, who was endowed with the gift of prophecy, but fated never to be believed. In a new production from 1000 Faces, Cassandra is a metaphor for all of the scientists and activists who are warning us of the irreversible destruction of the environment, yet few understand or believe their concerns are legitimate. The play will culminate with an ofrenda, an altar made in Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebrations, remembering family and friends that have died. Our ofrenda will remember all the plants, animals, people and habitats that have died due to our disregard for planet earth.

Through masks, dance, performance and music, 1000 Faces will explore the fact that our apparent separateness is but an effect of the way we experience forms under the conditions of time and space. Our true reality is our identity and unity with all life. When this realization occurs we will understand that we are not saving the environment, we are saving ourselves.